During May 2011, I installed a large cement foot I sculpted in the back of my pickup truck and drove the foot around New York City, parking it at popular locations. I documented the interactions of people on the streets with my piece via a live web cam and, occasionally, a handheld camera. Video was streamed live from the truck to the website (http://footinthetruck.com) and could be viewed on mobile devices, thus enabling the spectators to observe the piece, as well as spectators, (including themselves). When not live, the web site showed sample images and movies; the web site is still on-line. 

Foot-in-the-Truck intends to stimulate interpersonal communication by combining traditional sculpture with technology. Foot-in-the-Truck utilizes the internet, humor and classicism to stimulate curiosity and conversation. The piece strives to engage a diverse cross section of people and to provide unsuspecting passersby with a moment of art in an unexpected venue.